The Different Features Of Faux Ceiling Tiles

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If you look at the faux ceiling tiles that are available in the market, these are panels that are made out of PVC or polyvinyl chloride. The material could be high density polyurethane as well. The material can create looks akin to copper or tin. In case a ceiling is damaged, these fake ceiling tiles come of use. Again, many wish to have a decorative ceiling and faux ceiling tiles provide a better option. You can choose from a myriad of colors and looks which mimic materials like leather, wood and metal.

Benefits of faux ceiling tiles
The use of faux ceiling tiles has increased lately in many homes. If your home ceiling is damaged by moisture or damp, instead of getting it simply treated and painted, you could add on faux ceiling tiles. This also helps to change the look of a room. You can achieve a wooden, tinned or a leathered look even with faux ceiling tiles. This is akin to wall cladding suppliers, contact nova productsfor the walls of rooms and buildings.

Tin ceilings
With the help of faux tiles for the ceiling, a tinned look can be created easily. The ceiling tiles take on a hand painted and antique look as a result. The faux ceiling tiles come in different designs as well. When they are installed in high ceilings a dramatic effect can be created. This is similar to the effects achieved by architectural cladding.

Wooden effect
Another effect that is popular among homeowners is creating a wooden look and feel with the help of faux ceiling tiles. Wooden beams of faux tiles can help to create the look and feel of a wooden cabin or home. The designs vary as well. Hence, you can choose the looks of cherry wood or mahogany and create a wooden look for your home. As real wood has exorbitant rates these days, faux ceiling tiles help one to create the look of wood sans the heavy cost. The look can be created as per the ceiling panels that exist. The integration needs to be done in order to add on color and depth to a space as needed.

Other designs
The look and finish of ceiling tiles can vary in many ways. They are either embossed or created with a metal like finish on those ads on unusual color and design schemes. One can even create a faux leather look and feel and change the look of a room completely. In order to understand the options available to one, it is necessary to look up the catalogs of suppliers of faux tiles. Once one decides to have this kind of tiles set up, it is necessary to consult ground experts acoustic flooring with an architect and understand whether or not it would be feasible to set up the tiles as chosen.