Territories Need Boundaries Clearly Demarcated For Clarity Of Mutual Cooperation

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Defined limitations help responsibilities and functions executed as planned in organizations – vagueness in these cause unnecessary squabbles that have serious consequences eventually. Stepping on to another’s turf has been the bone of contention in many companies. Who is to do what and who is the authority in this and that have been non verbal contentions which if not checked on time or nipped on time will burst like an inferno at some moment. Rules and regulations are not welcome by many particularly if there are many of those but yet, the intent is to avoid the amoebic shapelessness in activities. If abided by then the fruit of the labour is assured. If defied the consequences are rather sour. In the animal kingdom, within a forest or sanctuary, each species knows the strength and weakness of the other and generally they stick by their abodes although attacked by stronger predators. Usually they identify their limits to avoid danger.

In human interaction it is an absolute need for demarcating our area of work, socializing, relationships etc, to have a harmony and balance. To illustrate the importance of segmentation galvanised steel fence posts come to mind. They are fixed and assembled not only for separation of land space but also delineate the one’s possession and ownership while protecting as well. They need to be strong and steady so as to allow the mesh to be intact. Though inanimate, the function they fulfil is like the human guardians but unmoved until it is warranted for. Human guardians can take a cue in that responsibility of securing should spell confidence and trustworthiness. Those within should have peace for mind being assured of safety of assets and valuable possessions.

Secondly, as these erected metal poles are intermittently placed at equidistance between each other to hold the mesh taut. The fabric of society like the mesh depends on leaders who are entrusted to guard the precious assets of the people. It is vividly portrayed by galvanised steel fence posts even tough not commercially labelled so. However these objects inculcate a graphical impression for the minds of people as and when they view them. These zinc coated poles also tell about protective measures which are vital for to function on a long term. The protectors need protection too.

Finally, as said in the outset, clearly defined territories guide people to engage in activities and vocation with purpose and goals to avert Babel of societal function which is a bane in many underdeveloped nations. The importance of sports is understood in these circumstances for at least a minute segment is disciplined by rules of the game and as the player display their skills the rest of the society too come to senses thinking, there are limitations in everything through which progress could be attained. They are good for individuals as well as the collective society.