Sources Of Irrigation And Implementation

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Agriculture has been the main source of food around the world. Without agriculture, humans cannot live as food cannot be generated in the factories and it have to be grown only through farming. The various types of food grains that people like to have can be produced from the cultivation lands. There is no such country that cannot have the agricultural lands as the food sources can be produced from these agricultural lands and the people who depend on cultivation are the agriculturalists. To increase the productivity of yields people follow various modern techniques and also the pest control methods.

Another important problem that can be faced in many countries is the water problem. To produce the food grains, it is important to have the adequate water supply to the plants so that they can grow strong and there can be the good rate of increase in the grain yields. Generally, people depend on various sources for cultivation such as:

• Rivers, oceans, seas, and other natural water sources

• Rains and water storages like the reservoirs and dams

• Small ponds and pools

• Bore wells

• Water extracted from the earth surface using the electric motors and other machines

Due to various issues like deforestation, global warming and the decrease in the rate of rainfall, there has been a great shortage for the water sources that can be useful for cultivation, drinking water, and industrialization etc. The soak well installation can help in increasing the water levels in the earth surface. Nowadays, the food products that have been produced are affected with various types of harmful fertilizers and pesticides. Having such inorganic foods can spoil the health and at the same time they have been proved as the unhygienic food products from various health organizations. These organizations are fighting against these toxic inorganic foods that have been affecting the growth and health of the generations.

Since ancient days, people have been following various agricultural techniques based on the availability of sources and implementing the process of cultivation using them. There were various types of civilizations followed by the people in various regions and their cultivation techniques also differ from each other because of the availability of resources with them. People use to store water in the ponds dug for the purpose of cultivation and they use to pour them to the crops whenever needed. There were many bore wells, lakes and other water sources that have helped them in increasing the crop yields. The modern technology and various researchers have been helping the people to conduct various experiments and to invent a new type of seeds that can yield more food products than that of the previous ones. The soakwell installation has been the useful method with which there are chances of increasing the underwater sources.