Safety Precautions That You Should Consider When Rendering

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Rendering the walls of your house could be very messy and tedious work. Make sure that you hire a professional that offers quality rendering services. Professional renderers works fast, gives no hassle, tidy and you can expect that they will finish the work on time.

Certain precautions are needed to make when working with house rendering. This is because this powder has sands of graded silica, workability additives, Portland cement off white type HE, powders of re-dispersible polymer, and for your wall to have improved hydration, agents of water retention. 

Safety measures that should be remembered

Mac render requires more attention compared to cement rendering. Here are some reminders and actions that you need to do if anything happens to your solution:

1. If the solution is swallowed, immediately drink a lot of water. If you’re in doubt, call a doctor or your local poison centre.

2. If it comes in contact with your eyes, immediately wash it with running water. Make sure that your eye is completely washed and occasionally move both of your eyelids by lifting it. After washing with water, seek for a medical attention to ensure that no solutions are left behind.

If you’re wearing contact lenses during the accident, go to skilled personnel to get it out for you.

3. If it comes in contact with your skin, immediately remove contaminated footwear and clothing. Wash your skin with running water and, if possible, also wash it with soap. If you experience irritation, go to your local doctor.

4. If you inhaled the dust, get out of the working area. Blow your nose to ensure that the breathing passages are clear. Rinse your mouth with water but do not drink the water. If you’re in doubt, go to your local doctor.

5. If any minor spills happen to the powder or mixed solution, immediately clean the area with water. Sweep or shovel the area and, as much as possible, avoid producing any dust. Place the spilled powder or mixture is a sealable container and label it to avoid confusion.

6. If major spillage occurs, immediately wash the area with water of large quantity. Prevent the contaminated water to go through the sewage or your drainage system. But if it gets run down through the drainage, immediately contact your emergency services.

For proper handling of the product, make sure that you wear complete protective clothing and avoid personal contact. Never eat, drink and smoke while working or handling the solution. After working, always wash your hands or exposed areas immediately with water and soap.