3 Types of Concrete Pumps

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There are several types of pumps for you to pick out from. You will have to find one which will fit your tastes and needs. Pumps in general are used when there is a lot of work which needs to be finished on time and when it is not easy for a person to transport so much too. The method has been around for around 50 years too. At present large quantities are transported for pumping through pipelines of a large distance. It is also used on locations which are not accessible.

Concrete pumps which are direct

Most pumps are direct or horizontal piston type which has rotary valves. The task is easy and direct. The concrete is put into the pump by the gravitational pull and partly sucked too due to the motion of the piston which lays horizontal. The semi rotating valves open and close as it should. The suction occurs under favorable conditions too. You can try purchasing concrete pumps for sale which is more affordable than buying them at full price. The best pumps are when the suction is the same like the cylinder which pumps too. This will ensure that the flow is not disturbed. Make sure that the concrete can move and flow easily without any hindrances too. The suction pipe must have a diameter which is three times more than the usual size too.

Truck mounted pump

A pump which is truck mounted will have the pump which will be attached to the back end of the truck. It will operate by placing the concrete through an arm which is robotic. The capability of the device depends on how much of concrete is fed inside. It can be used for large buildings too. The robotic arm will make the task a lot easy for you as it will give your exact control of the liquid concrete. You must understand that trucks in general have stored up to 100 meters and several accessories too.

A concrete pump which can be squeezed

If you purchase any concrete pumps for sale you can opt for squeeze type ones. These types are more portable and can be carried from one place to another. The concrete is made by a collecting hopper device which will provide the mixture to the blades and then this will be transferred to the chamber inside. The vacuum in the device will make sure that the mixture is squeezed in by rollers. Keep in mind that the pipe will remain cylindrical too. This will allow the mixture to flow continuously. For concrete trailer pump rentals, just go over at this site http://www.moore-quip.com/category/civil/trailer-pumps/.

Remember you must always use the right pump for the job you are working on too!